The Cop

For shure - a fun walkact

The Cop - No one can get past him without showing a smile!

With american slang your guests will be welcomed and led to the event. "For the next 2 meters I feel responsible for your safety!"

Joy can be so serious, and seriousness so cheerful!

For sure a great pleasure!

Also at the fair an eye-catching walkact.

  •     Your guests are immediately alert. The uniform is tough!
  •     The wonderful humor breaks the figure of the respected person and puts your guests in a special light!
  •     Without a smile, no one can get past these security guards!

(Translated with

The strong security personnel walkact team of EventComedy!


Comedy sluice Cop Walkact. That's a good way to enter the event.

Cop walkact
Cop walkact

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Cop Walkact Crew
Cop Walkact Team

Best Teamwork - Eventcomedy!

Welcome walkact with cop character.
Welcome walkact with cop character

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