Magician for events and shell game artis No 1!


Enjoy the best entertainment with the GREAT BAGATELLO - your magician and shell player for events and trade fairs. 


As one of Germany's most popular close-up wizards, the magicia from Cologne has been on the road throughout Europe since 1986. His shell game is famous!


This shell game homepage is full of information, examples, hints. Too much info?


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The Shell Game

It is a guarantee of entertainment at every event. His version of the trick game has made the GREAT BAGATELLO famous. His "Where is the pea?" - game inspires with high entertainment value, charm, surprising twists and turns.

"I've never, never had bad reactions at an event with my shell game!"

Read here why the magician from Cologne is so successful: Shell game player success.

The GREAT BAGATELLO has designed the shell gema for trade fair entertainment and thrills his audience at well known trade fairs, such as: World Exhibition EXPO, CeBIT, K, Hannover Messe...Credentials. Companies take advantage of the economic benefits they gain from this trade fair magic.

Meanwhile, his version of the nut-shell game is famous. Combined with further, visually strong table magic tricks it is the highlight on VIP events, events and dinner evenings.  More about the Nut Shell Game.

The clever magician is known for fresh, modern magic and inspiring magic tricks, performed with charme and intensity. 

 "Lifting good for the better! That's my job."

Ask for the three shell game player

Rustic little shells are ideal for 20s themed walk acts.
Three shell game shells for 20s Walkact
Applause for the show shell game player at SolidArt in Bonn 2023.
Applause for the show shell game player at SolidArt in Bonn 2023.
Shell player with vendor's tray for use as a trade fair magician
Shell player with vendor's tray for use as a trade fair magician

Book the shell game player

Get this fantastic trick on your event.
Before you book the shell game player, ask him some questions. For example, how he envisions his use at your event.
In turn, he will ask you questions about your event planning, and then put together the personalized offer tailored to you.

This approach makes sense so that your customers and guests can enjoy the full entertainment value of the shell game. Your event starts with the planning.

"Dear Mr. Schmidt,

many thanks for so much commitment, talent, team spirit and professionalism!!!
You have been instrumental in the success of our Suzuki Supertalent SX4 Roadshow.

Not only Suzuki, the customers at the POS, we the agency, but also the promotion team are impressed by you as an artist and also as a person.

You have made every face, old and young, astonished and radiant. Your enthusiasm and enthusiasm is fantastic and a guarantee for a successful event."

Yours sincerely
Snjezana Hannich

PLAN_S Kommunikation GmbH

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Burkhard Schmidt
Zoppenbroicher Str. 1
DE-50735 Köln
Tel: +49 221 977 21 22

Email: jOXi6uPM7u3r7fjp4ODjoujp@nospam





..."Not only your diversity with different, great roles, but also your service provider gene, which is not always so pronounced with artists of your quality, have undoubtedly contributed to your long-term success.

Congratulations on 30 years of "The Great Bagatello"!"...



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Before you book a shell player, take a look at what a good trickster must be able to do at this game: Skills


The Shellgame

The shell game of the GREAT BAGATELLO guarantees highest entertainment value!

→ the three shell game

Magician for fairs

Attract attention, entertain and pass on to qualified personnel: fair magic

→ magic for trade fairs

Walking Acts

The audience experiences these special characters up close! Selected walking act figures impress.

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The wedding celebration should be the most beautiful celebration in the life of the marriages. Therefore the entertainment should be excellent for the wedding.

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The dinner magician goes from table to table with the most beautiful and intense form of magic: close-up magic. 

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The famous LIFTBOYS

Unique and high quality welcome entertainment! THE BELLBOYS



Learn simple magic tricks, the secrets of a good performance or request a project week for students.

→ find out more about BAGATELLO´s seminars


BAGATELLO´s Photo Gallery

Enjoy the photos of the performances.

World Equestrain Festival CHIO with magician BAGATELLO.
World Equestrain Festival with magician BAGATELLO.
The magician from Cologne inspires with entertaining magic art
The magician from Cologne inspires
Trade fair entertainment attracts attention.
Trade fair entertainment attracts attention.