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It's the entertainment value that counts!


Only those who feel well entertained, who could learn that they were valued by the artist and that the performer did everything to enrich the event and raise it to a high level, are willing to write a good recommendation. Browse through the letters of thanks to the GREAT BAGATELLO:

Rebookings confirm BAGATELLO´s Quality!


Why do companies book the GREAT BAGATELLO again and again?

In addition to the high entertainment value, it is the "service provider gene", the reliability and principles, such as punctuality, simplicity and the spreading of good humour and cheerful atmosphere, that make the organizers want to book the BAGATELLO again and again.

Refreshing humor


Nothing beats the combination of skill and professionalism with a special, refreshing sense of humour!

The customers appreciate that: No "Hau-Ruck-Comedy", but lived fun, own and thrilling enthusiasm!

This are clients of THE GREAT BAGATELLO writing:


Maler-Einkauf eG In-house exhibition 2023

Hello Mr. Schmidt,

... I have to admit: When planning the trade fair, the theme "shell game player" was not my favorite.
But you really did wow and amaze everyone without exception - including me. I am therefore glad that we had chosen you.
Our customers, exhibitors and colleagues were all very enthusiastic without exception.

Best regards from Paderborn,
Anja Hühn


Ruby GmbH 2020

The great Bagatello visited us for the first time as part of the program of our Ruby Carl Workspace opening ceremony in Düsseldorf and impressed our audience with his shell game entertainment. It was a pleasure to watch him with great excitement and to work with him. Mr. Schmidt convinced us with his friendly and professional manner in every aspect, so we are looking forward to many more wonderful moments with him. We will warmly recommend him with a clear conscience.

apofocus anniversary celebrations May 2019

Dear Mr. Schmidt,

In May 2019 we organised four big anniversary celebrations in the pharmacies of our customer. And what would these celebrations have been without you! No matter if early in the morning or in the evening shortly before closing time - the Great Bagatello always smiled, was courteous and a really friendly person. Not only the pharmacy customers, but also we had a lot of fun with you. Even if the crowds in the branches were very large and the waiting time for the customers was sometimes longer than usual - you created the right atmosphere with your little magic and tricks. Where the Great Bagatello was, there were also enthusiastic children and their families. You really fascinated everyone.

We would like to thank you very much for the very good cooperation and wish you all the best for the future!

The apofocus team


Sparkasse Köln/Bonn (längste Desch vun Kölle 2017, 2018)

Dear Mr Schmidt,

we didn't see each other. But my employer has just praised you again in the highest tones. Thank you very much for your support.


eventausRichter (after cooperation at Chempark Leverkusen October 2018)

"Thank you for the great cooperation!

The great Bagatello is really great! Impressive, because he always knows what to do and how to inspire the customer and his guests.
The customer has an idea and I try to implement it with a great partner - the great Bagatello. At first there is only one idea and together we think about how to inspire the customer and the guests. Thanks to his many years of experience at various events, we have always found the right act. A glance into the audience on the day of the event shows how much fun the audience has with his tailor-made humour and his unique "craftsmanship". With his individual tricks and facets he entertains, motivates and inspires the audience. Whether it's a 70th birthday, a trade fair, an opening ceremony for a new production line or a company anniversary - the great Bagatello always fits!
I have been working with him for several years now and am always looking forward to new challenges that I can face with the great Bagatello. He is always punctual & reliable - you can rely on him blindly!

Thank you for being such a great partner and for always giving me new ideas as an agency and thus creating satisfied customers!

Keep it up!

Michaela Richter , owner eventausRichter


I.S.T. Innovative Sewer Technologies GmbH (Jubiläum 2018)

"Mr. Schmidt was a great attraction at our anniversary celebration; he cast a spell over everyone. He also has an extremely friendly and obliging way of dealing with people. Our guests and we were thrilled! Also our doubts whether he would be able to match the standards of the Great Salvatore were resolved in no time: the Great Bagatello was at least as good, if not even better!"

Jörg Vogt I.S.T. Innovative Sewer Technologies GmbH


Wera Werkzeuge GmbH (International Hardware Fair 2018)

"The great Bagatello was a very lively enrichment of our appearance at the International Hardware Fair. He could inspire our visitors and even after four days in continuous action he was still in a good mood and had a lot of fun with his work".

Detlef Seyfarth, Wera


Eventives to the 30th anniversary of BAGATELLO 2016

Dear Burkhard,

as we have just been looking with pride at our last 20 years of business, we read with great respect from your 30.

It's no surprise that your art is so long-lasting. Nevertheless, it is still worth mentioning - especially in today's times - that you remain flexible and vigilant and can adapt to the needs of your customers like a chameleon. Not only your multi-facetedness with different, great roles, but also your service provider gene, which is not always so pronounced with artists of your quality, have undoubtedly contributed to your long-term success.

Congratulations on 30 years of "The Great Bagatello"!

I very much hope that in the years to come we will often have the opportunity to work together at events.

Best regards



Innovative Sensor Technology (Sensor+Test 2016)

Dear Mr. Schmidt

We would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your great commitment at our booth at the Sensor+Test 2016 in Nuremberg.

It was a pleasure to see how you inspired and fascinated the visitors with your skills. You did impresse our stand personnel as well as our customers and other visitors deeply.

Due to your uncomplicated and helpful manner, it was very pleasant for us to work with you. Above all, we have appreciated your identification with the innovative Sensor Technology and the fact that you drew the attention of all visitors to our stand and our products.

We would be pleased if you will be present again next year.

Kind regards
Andrea Rüegg

(booked again in 2017)

PLAN_S Communication GmbH

Dear Mr. Schmidt,

Thank you so much for your commitment, talent, team spirit and professionalism!!
You are a key to the success of our Suzuki Supertalent SX4 Roadshow.

Not only Suzuki, the customers at the POS, we the agency, but also the promotion team are pleased with you as an artist and also as a person.

You have amazed everyone, young and old. Your enthusiasm is fantastic and a guarantee for a successful event.

With kind regards
Snjezana Hannich


Endress + Hauser (Hanover Fair, IFAT, BrauBeviale, SPS IPC drives, ACHEMA)

The great Bagatello has managed to enchant and inspire his audience at the Endress+Hauser booths for several years with his friendly and rousing manner.
 And that's not the only thing, at the same time he is able to communicate our important customer messages and innovations in measurement and automation technology to our customers.
 Bravo - keep up the good work.


Waagen Schmitt, Ambiente Frankfurt

Dear Mr. Schmidt,

We would like to thank you for the excellent cooperation at "Ambiente 2009" in Frankfurt.

Your uncomplicated and charming way of approaching our visitors, inspiring them with your magic and integrating them into our trade fair presentation we found very refreshing and impressive.

Your choice of tricks fit our concept perfectly, to surprise our customers every now and then. The shell game was ideal for generating new business cards of potential customers. And we also knew our important customers at your magic table always in good hands. Thank you very much again.

We look forward to further cooperation.
With best regards from Hamburg


Betacontrol GmbH & Co KG

K 2004/2007/2010 ICE 2009/2011

Dear Mr. Schmidt,

thank you very much for your professional work at the K 2007 in Düsseldorf. The sustainability of your commitment at the trade fair has once again been positively established by our customers. So we are asked after months if the magician will be present at the next fair. This will be the case. Especially in the often dry environment of industrial goods trade fairs, your application creates an unmistakable recognition characteristic in connection with betacontrol GmbH & Co Kg. Statistical studies have shown that only 10 % of all visitors to the fair can remember exactly what stands they have visited after the fair. Your presence at our stand has meant that this statistic is not true for us.

Thank you for your commitment.


HW Leasing (TOP HAIR)

From 21 to 23 March 2009, our company, the HW Leasing GmbH, as the market leader in financing for hairdressers, was represented with a stand at the international trade fair for the hairdressing sector "TOP HAIR" in Düsseldorf. At our side we had the "Great Bagatello"... and that was an absolute highlight of our representation at the fair. With his masterful magic as a shell game player and new Uri Geller, he magically attracted the visitors so that our booth was constantly besieged. He is a great expert in fair magic, whether as an Italian Antonio with gold chain or in a flashy, shiny costume. Burkhard Schmidt ("Bagatello") has made a decisive contribution to the success of our appearance at "TOP HAIR". We just have to recommend him! Many thanks again to him and his great commitment.

Catherine Knop
HW Leasing GmbH


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