Are you really the most popular shell player in Germany?

Hoho, that statement is not mine! But of course there is something to it. I keep hearing that during my performances.
The entertainment value of the shell game counts! Technology, craftsmanship and decorative handles are ultimately of secondary importance. The audience should feel brilliantly entertained. Laughter, amazement and enthusiasm are the goal. I achieve this "playing" with my version of the shell game. At the same time it is exciting, humorous, amazing. All I can say is: it's worth a look!

Is the shell game suitable for my event?

The shell game is a masterpiece of entertainment that is ideal for almost any event! It has an unbeatable entertainment value, is playable in the smallest space and can be shown both at a fixed location at your event, as well as mobile at the various tables of your guests.

Isn't that shell game illegal?

At the moment money is being played for, shellfighting is an illicit game of chance. As a magic trick without a stake it is more than allowed, it even has an extremely preventive effect. Spectators who once enjoyed BAGATELLO's shell game know: "Hands off the street scam!"
The entertainment trick "Hütchenspiel" takes advantage of the character of the gambling game from the street to entertain as exciting and humorous as possible.

How do I know I am booking quality? Especially with the wizards, there's a wide sky.

There are many ways to check the quality before booking:
1. have a personal conversation (on the phone or in a direct meeting). Ask your questions in such a way that the artist can describe to you how he imagines his commitment at your event. (By the way, a good artist will also ask you some questions about your event, so that he can optimally plan his contribution to the success of your event!
2. have a look at his references. It is not enough to find well-known companies in the list (they could have been very disappointed after the performance). Look at the thank-you notes. Would you like to write such a letter to the artist after your event? Then you have the right man.
3. have pictures shown to you. What do the spectators look like? Should your guests smile, laugh, marvel? Then you've come to the right place.
4. Pay attention to the fee. If an artist is much cheaper than many of his colleagues, then be careful. You will feel this afterwards at your event. Not only the price was cheap, but also the "goods". And nothing is worse than the husk of "I'd rather..."
5. listen to two voices: 1. the artist's in a personal conversation. Do you like the voice? Do you like her? 2. listen to your inner voice, your gut feeling. This is often better known than any other instance.

Can you only really do magic or are these even damn good magic tricks?

Find out!

Which question is the most frequently asked during your performances?

There are two questions a sorcerer usually gets to hear most frequently: "How does it work?" and "Can you live on it?"
I am outrageously lucky that I am asked two other questions most frequently: "Do you have a business card for me?" and "Oh, can I have one too?"


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