Magic for trade fairs

Booth Party

The booth party

The stand party, in turn, places completely different demands on the artist. On the one hand, the guests and the stand personnel relax after the strenuous day at the fair, and on the other hand important contacts are made in the relaxed atmosphere.

THE GREAT BAGATELLO knows how to entertain his audience to the maximum and still be sensitive to the situation. The companies use BAGATELLO's many years of trade fair experience. He is your perfect partner for entertainment during your booth party.

Your trade fair magician is flexible:

  • So you can have the mega-entertaining shell game presented to your trade fair guests at BAGATELLO's own magic table. The magician takes a certain place on your booth. The guests gather around this "entertainment station".
  • Furthermore, the magic art can be presented in a mobile way on a suitable belly shop. In this case, the magician joins the individual groups of guests and inspires them at their standing place.
  • The third possibility is that Burkhard Schmidt entertains your guests at the tables available on the stand.

So it doesn't matter how big or small your booth is, or how tight the available space is, you will always find the ideal way to entertain your customers and guests to the maximum.


Celebrate the trade fair party the right way!


As an exhibitor, celebrate with your party guests! Entrust the entertainment to the GREAT BAGATELLO. He knows how to deliver the perfect close-up shows. With an eye for the situations, with the concern to inspire, with the skill to accomplish, the trade show magician amazes, makes people laugh and gives joie de vivre. This way your fair party will be remembered by your guests for a long time.

Magic for the booth party

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