Close-up Magic

"Without love for the audience nothing works in this category!"

Close-up magic, such as table magic, is the art of entertaining the audience from close up. Spectators and magicians experience an intensive togetherness.

The GREAT BAGATELLO conjures with everyday objects, cards, coins and much more. On request also with your logo, your business cards or presents.

As a magician BAGATELLO does not need a stage and no elaborate light and sound effects, because he moves directly in the audience. At each table, for each group, for each guest, there is a separate program.

Look at the fingers of a professional! Use Close up magic for your booth party at the fair!

Translated with

No matter what kind of audience

THE GREAT BAGETLLO meets a different audience at every trade fair. Whether a nutrition fair, a carpenter fair, the urologist congress, each time a completely different group of customers.

"What looks like a great challenge to the wizard is a great pleasure to me! It's the diversity of the audience that I enjoy." Burkhard Schmidt



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