The Shell Game


The show shell game is collosal different from the street scam. But it uses its gambling image. BAGATELLO's version of the trick game is unique because it impresses with maximum entertainment value, funny twists and the charm of the performer. The entertainment guarantee for your event, because every spectator loves it!

Masterpiece of entertainment

At the GREAT BAGATELLO, the show shell game is a masterpiece of entertainment, modern, fast and highly entertaining.

  •     Of course without financial commitment
  •     ideal for playing give-aways to your customers and guests
  •     this magic will remain unforgettable
  •     is perfect for fair magic
  •     an absolute crowd puller
  •     humorous and exciting at the same time

The charming performance and the unique wit in his inspiring shell game brought the GREAT BAGATELLO the best references.

There is nothing more fascinating at close range than the "shell game"!

This legendary "con game" (formerly also called Nut Shell Game) is one of the best-known games! An ancient trick to "pull the money out of the pocket" of the audience. Between 1988 and 1991, "Mr Hütchenspieler RTL" made the shell game suitable for television as "Salvatore" with his slogan: "Pronto, pronto! The show shell game has pure entertainment character without financial commitment of the spectators. Common to the street game: the irresistible gambling image, and the excitement it uses to excite the audience.

Competences of a show three shell player

The shell game requires the conjurer to master all the skills of a good "trickster": from the perfect dexterity to the manipulative control of his audience. A feast for the eyes to observe.

Furthermore, the perfect show shell player needs a special "entertainment gene"!

Before you book a shell player, you should pay attention to that: Competences of a show shell game player!

Shellgame in restaurant
Shellgame in restaurant
Fun with shell game on fairs
Fun with shell game on fairs
Shellgame thrills on vendor's tray
Shellgame on vendor's tray
Guarantee for good entertainment: the shell game
Guarantee for good entertainment: the shell game


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Shell Game


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Garantie for best entertainment

Whether trade fair support or as a close-up highlight at your event, BAGATELLO´s shell game is always a guarantee of entertainment!

  • Absolute entertainment highlight
  • Can be performed anywhere
  • Addresses all groups of ages 
  • Causes immediate enthusiasm
  • Only positive feedback for BAGATELLOS shellgame
  • Ideal for promotion and trade fairs
  • Is extremely intensive and sustainable due to its proximity to the public
  • Of course without the financial commitment of the spectators