Shellgame Characters

Book a shell game artist with character and charisma for your event. Choose according to the motto of your celebration.

A shell player fits every event! Modify the role according to your specifications.


He enchants your guests:

This Show Shellgame Player

The italian hustler


Antonio il Volpe (The Fox)

A gambler under the Lord

He gamble away house and yard (of your guests).

Whoever has seen his show will never again run the risk of risking his money with a shell player on the street.

Extremely entertaining and thrilling.

Antonio is one of the few gamblers who gets applause for cheating!

 Your advantages:

  •     Fulfils 100% the gambling image of the shell game
  •     Fun and excitement for your guests
  •     You can be sure of praise for this selection of artists
  •     Mobile use, decentralized at your guests' tables or at his own magic table

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The French bon vivant


Serge Bouillon

Serge loves life.

A sunny place in a street café, the right coffee at the right time of day...and nothing can go wrong anymore.

With his shell game he tells about life with its constantly surprising twists and turns.
Charming and humorous, he shows how to use every situation profitably.

A feast for the eyes of the audience.

Your advantages:

  •     Serge has the audience on his side immediately
  •     humorous entertainment that will be remembered for a long time and is positively linked with the host.
  •     Serge sprays with joie de vivre and transfers this to your guests

→ ask for Serge

The tradeshow


Hat game as an advertising campaign

Use this shell game to transport content. Whether with the legendary shells or giant nutshells - the shell game is ideal to make information visual.

It is not only a great pleasure at your in-house exhibition, the promotion tour or at the exhibition stand, it relaxes and inspires the target audience and thus leads to a new willingness to be informed.

Your advantages:

  •     remains with the (potential) customer - Sustainability
  •     visually extremely strong and memorable
  •     Excitement and humor paired for good entertainment

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The Pilot

Captain shows shell game

He is a man of the world and tells of his experiences around the world.
Don't miss the shell game.

Your advantages:

  •     an authority brings fun
  •     full of humor and charm
  •     an ideal mix of walkact and magic sensation

→ ask for pilot

The Pirat

Pirate gambles house and farm

From you, of course.

Your advantages:

    Atmospheric density that is fun
    full of humor and charm
    an ideal mix of walkact and gambling

→ Pirate request

The Explorer

The Explorer is gambling?

Of course! He tells you how he cheats the Sherpas out of their carrier fee.

An exciting, funny shell game story

Your advantages:

    Motto-Walkact with Charisma
    humorously funny
    an ideal mix of walkact and gambling

→ Inquire tropical researcher

Many more shell game characters are possible!

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