Shellgame in videoconference

Mobile cone player delights with vendor's tray

The special vendor's tray makes it possible and is the ideal solution for mobile use of the shell game anywhere on the event site.

Queue animation with shell game

The cone player walks backwards with the guests in the queue and entertains them brilliantly.
When the arrivals pile up in the entrance area, when the buffet is opened and long queues form, the magician keeps the guests in a good mood with his mobile walkact entertainment. An ideal solution for large events.



Brilliant idea:

The shell game vendor´s tray

The vendor's tray makes Bagatello's shell game mobile and can be used anywhere at the event.
Vendor's tray shell game - Kamp Promenade Osnabrück 2024
Trade fair magician and cone player works mobile on the paths of the trade fair to guide the guests to the stand.
Fair magic with a shell game on a vendor's tray

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