This is what a show shell artist should manage to do!

The show "Hütchenspiel" thrills

The show shell game is very different from the shell game of the street. While the nut-shell game on the public squares is a skilful scam in which the money of the passers-by is the goal, the show shell game inspires the spectators. It lives through its high entertainment value. There is no financial commitment from the audience. Although it is therefore "harmless", it enjoys with the special gambler image!

 The abilities of the show shellgame artist

Please note the abilities of a show three shell game player before you book! Not every magician who offers the shell game is a good show shell artist. Fatal is a "I-can-master-something-what-you-can-not-do-magician". But the nut-shell game temted just for this. And many magicians have succumbed to this charm.

A capable shell game entertainer proves his competence already in the preliminary talk. Ask him questions about how he imagines his contribution to your party, so that it will be a complete success.

That's why you should be careful:

Book a shell player who puts the entertainment value of his art at the top of the list. If your guests aren't laughing, amazed, relaxed and enthusiastic about what they experienced, the magician, no matter how much (or little) you paid, was too expensive.

With the GREAT BAGATELLO you will never find a "wizard against spectators". The goal is a common, extremely strong, lasting show experience! The shell artist from Cologne throws in everything an outstanding entertainer should know, be and perform.

"When I step to a table to entertain the guests, I scan tthe audience with one look. It's automatic. I know right away how to talk to someone. The many years of positive show experience supports me in this. I immediately recognize who I can open the show with, where the top dog sits, who is sceptical, who I won't talk to in the beginning. After ten seconds, I have all the guests on my side."

That's what an excellent show man should be able to do!