THE GREAT BAGATELLO has the best walkact formation he could wish for: EventComedy, the successful walkact portal from Cologne. Together with Engelbert Kobelun, the two event artists have built up and trained a unique pool of outstanding walking act artists. Bestseller: THE LIFTBOYS

Walking Act with entertainment guarantee

Specialized in entertaining Close-up in the near range, these Walking Acts never miss their goal: to entertain at maximum and to enthuse the audience decentrally. No stage, no elaborate light show, no sound system.


This is the most booked reception walkact! And for good reason.

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Shell Game Walking Act

The shell game can best be installed as a mobile walkact in your event. THE GREAT BAGATELLO goes from table to table.

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Pilot & Crew Walkact


This walking act brings the flair of aerospace to your event.

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The 20s Walkact

Bring the atmosphere of the 1920s to your party. Whether as a con man or a gangster. These figures provide the flair of the epoch.

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Photo Fun- Walking Act

Photo fun with Graf Photo. With his cheerfulness and his photo eyes he puts every photo box in the shadow.

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Sports Walkact

World Cup sucks. Now it's up to you to show how sporty the nation really is. Great fun with kicking the goal wall.

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Caretaker Walkact

For janitor Karl Ebert it is an honour to work an extra shift for your event. But there has to be order.

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Train Conductor Walking Act

The ideal walkact for track section inaugurations, event trips with a historic railway and of course (as every two years) the Crime Express.

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Waiter Walking Act

"Have you been waited on?" Wrong waiters cavort in the service team and have a bunch of fun on the pan.

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Tropical Explorers Walkact

The tropical researcher Motto Walkact is extremely popular in the microbiotope of events. On the tracks of the human species...

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Eastern Walkact

These walkact figures spread oriental atmosphere so skillfully that your guests can smell nutmeg and cinnamon, even when there are no spices in the room.

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Pirats Walkact

Pirates conquer your event and rob the guests of boredom. They talk themselves upside down and create an impressive atmosphere.

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No one can get past him without showing a smile. "For the next two meters, I feel responsible for your safety!"

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Christmas Celebration

 No "My beard is my castle" - Entertainment, but fresh magic from table to table!

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Security Walkact

Created especially for those who only have time to get away for just a night.

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Look like look alikes

In cooperation with EventComedy the Look like look alikes were brought into being. Unbeatable!

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Workingmen Walkact

He does it from morning till night! He has prepared the parking spaces for your event. He supervised the installation of the party tent. He's briefed the caterer. Driving home is no longer worth it... 

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Entertainment for wedding

It shall be the celebration of celebrations. Besides the performances of the siblings, the professional entertainment should be right.

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Chef-walking Act

This is a motto walkact, which is often booked by kitchen studios or at household fairs, for example.

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Golfing Walkact

Same competition for golf professionals as for beginners, because this living golf field is so unusual that putting becomes a challenge. Fun for the active as well as for the passive spectators.

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Book Walkact

As you can see, there is a suitable walkact for almost every motto. Talk to the GREAT BAGATELLO and ask which walkact fits your event.