Chef Walkact

Kitchen ambience

Chef Walking Acts

No TV station can do without a cooking show.

He can do without a TV station.
Spice for your event!

Not only for Events. Ask for fair entertainment.

Magic in cooking outfit

Forks bend in his hands. He talks about the "spaghetti" cuisine of his Italian chef friend.

Bottles always turn correctly with him, never with the guest. Amazing!

Ideal for trade fair entertainment!

The attention-getter at the trade fair stand.
When it comes to food, its processing, distribution and presentation, this walking act creates maximum attention with its skilful magic.

Cooking Show Walking Act
Cooking Show Walking Act

Cook with amazing "spaghetti" tricks at the International Green Week in Berlin.

Miele Cooking Show with Walking Act
Miele Cooking Show with Walking Act

Chef´s show

with "Irmgard Knüppel" alias Gabi Weiss.

cook walking act with magic.
Cook walking act with magic.

Great fun with twisted bottles!

Chef´s Walking Act

Bending forks is BAGATELLO´s magic
Bending forks is BAGATELLO´s magic

Whether as a cook or PAGE, forks bend in his hands!

Here Magic for fairs at the NOFFA in Hannover.