Golfing Walkact

the mobile green

Golf Walking Act

Never in the rough again! Your guests can relax and play golf and celebrate the tee shot on the living golf green of EventComedy.
The highlight: This tee shot is an equal challenge for golf professionals as well as inexperienced golfers due to its special balls. So every guest can have fun, no matter how experienced he is in golf. This sport walkact is also a pleasure for the surrounding guests, as they share the excitement with the active guests.

Translated with

The sport walking acts of EventComedy.

Never in the rough again! Golf Walking Act of EventComedy.

For ladies and gentlemen

the walkact of EventComedy is a pleasure.

Particularly popular in golf clubs and upscale ambience.

Ingenious technique keeps the balls hung on the green.
A lot of fun!

And after the round of golf: entertainment at the tables with BAGATELLO's legendary shell game!