Pilot & Crew walkact

Real or EventComedy?

Real or EventComedy?

This incredibly fascinating walkact by EventComedy is as close to reality as possible and 100% entertaining comedy at the same time! When even the real FedEx pilots look twice and ask for a photo with the event pilot (German Aerospace Day) we from EventComedy know: We did everything right again!

The pilot and crew walkact of EventComedy.

  • Allgäu Airport Memmingen
  • Aero-Club Odenwald e.V. - Michelstadt
  • BRE - Flughafen Bremen 
  • CGN – Flughafen Köln Bonn 
  • HAM - Flughafen Hamburg 
  • STR - Flughafen Stuttgart, „Airportfestival“,
  • 50 Jahre Neckermann / Thomas Cook, 
  • BHW, Lufthansa Seeheim 
  • MUC - Flughafen München
  • FRA - Flughafen Frankfurt, 50 Jahre Condor

  • DUS - Flughafen Düsseldorf, Airport Equate

Further training for Walkact pilots Burkhard Schmidt and Engelbert Kobelun in the simINN flight simulator.

Pilot walking act with real crew

Pilot & Crew - Real or EventComedy?

Charming pilot walkact

Fun with Pilot at Tablehopping


Charming Cabin Crew von EventComedy