Pirate walkact

they gamble away the house and yard (of your guests)

Pirates board your event!

- They attack your guests and rob them of boredom
- They' re talking their heads off
- They provide atmospheric density
- They are looking for the secret treasures of your event
- They gamble house and yard (of your guests)

A walkact that attracts attention!
Where pirates are needed, these are just right!

Are you planning a theme event? The pirates fit perfectly?! We will be happy to put you in touch with the professional theme scenery rental service.

The Pirat Walkact of EventComedy.

Pirate Bride and Riffraff

Whether pirate bride or "lookout" on stilts. Whether you are looking for a gambler, a shell-shooter or a pirate with a wooden leg, at EventComedy you will find the right crooks for your event.

You act ruthlessly for the pleasure of your guests.

Pirate walkact. here with wooden leg.
Pirate walkact

With wooden leg and ruckus - Pirate Walkact

Pirate walking act at the K├Âlner Lichter festival.
Pirate walking act

Pirat Walking Act

at the famous "Kölner Lichter" - Festival in Cologne.

Event pirates enter your event.
Event pirates enter your event

Watch out! The pirate walking act team of Eventcomedy is up to something! 

Stilts walkact "Pirate" with crew. Striking!

Pirate walking act thrills  at kids festival
Pirate walking act at kids festival

Pirat Walking Act

at a big kids festival

Dangerous? Pirates and the shell game