Security Walkact

great fun for shure

No one can get past him!

This security official will not let a guest without a smile on your event!

Whether security guard, cop or security in leather jacket, this reception entertainment certainly provides fun.

Your guests are shielded (even in sunshine). Casual chaos is ensured. One notices: The host provided for good personnel.

A special highlight: Put Pocketing!

Objects are loaded unnoticed into visitors' jackets or bags, which a second security guard detects and removes to the amusement of the bystanders. (Water) pistols, (rubber) knives, wrenches, credit cards or presents from the host can appear in the pockets.

People talk about it for a long time!

The Security Walkact of EventComedy.

Security walkact
Security walkact

You'll have to get past him.

Security walkact for fair entertainment.
Security walkact

Fair entertainment Walkact

here on the "Security" Fair in Essen (Germany).

Security Walkact as a showpackage
Security Walkact as a showpackage

First sentry duty, then shell game.