No other walkact like this

High Class Welcome!

THE BELLBOYS open your party, take you to the coat check, point you to the buffet, show you the way to the lecture, draw attention to actions. The signposts for your event. And they are always entertaining, courteous and spread a pleasant atmosphere.

  • Your guests switch immediately from "everyday life" to "event".
  • The event area is marked by living, addressable pages!
  • Already on the way to you the guests are in a good mood!
  • Your guests will associate the courteous, humorous and charming way around with you!
  • The first impression is right, the excitement for your event is set in motion!

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Service and entertainment between car and hall door.

THE BELLBOYS - appreciative welcome.
Successful start.

Outstanding, but never down from above.

Service and entertainment for VIP.

DIE PAGEN are the perfect celebratory formation for anniversaries.