Xmas Party Show Ideas

fresh magic for your Christmas party

Fresh, inspiring and lasting entertainment for your Christmas party!

Offer your customers, guests, employees and friends special Christmas shows! A festival to remember with pleasure.

    Let your guests be welcomed charmingly and get in the right mood for a special event.
    Offer them the most intensive form of magic: table magic!
    Powerful visual tricks right in front of the eyes and in the hands of your guests.
    Forks bend, coins change, borrowed rings penetrate pens...
    The shell game invites you to become the most exciting experience of the evening.


THE GREAT BAGATELLO offers you all this!


Whether as a fake guest, as a bellboy, as an Italian gambler, or in a classic black suit, the GREAT BAGATELLO provides the best entertainment!



We travel to the most beautiful places in the world to be inspired for your event.



thrilled with humor


Fits for every event: The shell game!

Magician for the Xmas Party
Magician for christmas celebration

The magician fro christmas parties! Thrilling!

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