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The greatest fun in art is to do it yourself! Becoming active and shaping it by yourself is a pleasure for body, mind and soul. You, your students, your guests or even customers can get to know some of the various arts at THE GREAT BAGATELLO. Whether you want to learn magic, pantomime or juggling, these seminars convey the fun of the respective discipline. And as a welcome side effect, in addition to learning techniques and tricks, joy of life is created through your own actions and doing.

Projects for children

Spark off theatrical fun. Project day, project week, juggling- or magic workshop.

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Learn how to juggle

What took me weeks back then is now possible within 10 minutes, thanks to the teaching method developed by Alexander Koplin and myself.

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Real joie de vivre is learnable...

...but means something different for everyone. A special seminar

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