Theater as profession

Workshop: The courage to become an artist

Theater as a profession


Learn how to do it! - Courage to become an artist

Playing theater as a profession

Module 1:

  • The first part is about you and your art
  • The power of decision
  • Obstacles, inside and outside
  • Your "why"
  • Willpower, discipline
  • Talent, resources, alignment

Module 2:

  • Marketing
  • Creating a website
  • Importance of business cards, handouts
  • Elevator pitch
  • Keyword optimization, traffic analysis
  • Mouth to mouth advertising
  • Writing a proposal, immediate response, communication

Module 3:

  • Financing
  • Alternative sources of income, also for times of crisis



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Seminar: Becoming an artist
Seminar: Becoming an artist

Learn from 35 years of successful event art!


Applause and recognition

Learn successful art

What do you need to delight an audience and make a living from your art?

Enthusiasm and marketing

It takes more than art

You have to be able to survive in the business.

What kind of art suits you?

Feel secure in your art!

How can you achieve security in your profession?
Learn it in the seminar.