Re-kindle joie de vivre

Joy of life is learnable

Learn how it works! - Experience joie de vivre and enthusiasm

Awaken your own zest for life anew.

Joy of life is a decision that has to be made anew every moment. It has nothing to do with fate, it is not even dependent on external factors. Enthusiasm is born in every human being.

This is what you'll learn:

The Morning Ritual: How to start the day powerful, curious and focused with a short formula.

Reasons for gratitude: happiness researchers have long since proven it. Gratitude is the fastest way to a fulfilled life. And you learn what gratitude is not.


Joy of life means something different for every person.
Enthusiasm and enjoyment are only two aspects of this wonderful way of life.


Go through the day at " impulse speed ".

Themen des Lebensfreude Seminars:


Learning Focus

Life becomes stale when focusing is not mastered. In today's world of media flooding, this is a challenge.


Celebrating silence

Without silence the inner guidance is not audible. Even 10 minutes of silence will enrich the day.


Nurture gratitude

All happy people cultivate gratitude. The fastest way to a fulfilled life.