GTCs of GROSSEN BAGATELLO (Jaunary 2023)
This is a translation from German to English. Binding is the German versionof the AGBs!

When concluding oral and written contracts you agree to the
following terms and conditions.

1. Written and verbal performance agreements are absolutely binding.
2. Payment of the fee is due with the performance and is to be transferred to the recipient's account within five days after the event.
3. In the event of default, interest on arrears (currently 5% above the prime rate) will be charged. 
4. If force majeure leads to the cancellation of the event, both contracting parties shall be released from their obligation to perform. The artists may, however, demand reimbursement of their expenses from the organizer. Force majeure includes, for example, strikes in the transport sector, warlike events, power outages, natural disasters and the like.
5. If the performance is cancelled by the organizer or for any other reason caused by the organizer, the organizer is obliged to pay the artist the total fee.
6. in case of early cancellation by the organizer, there is a concession of the artist by staggering the cancellation fees:
a. From the conclusion of the contract until 8 weeks before the event date 50% of the fee is to be paid.
b. 7 to 4 weeks before the event date 60% of the fee must be paid.
c. 3 to 1 week before the event date 80% of the fee must be paid.
d. The full fee must be paid for all subsequent cancellations.
7. Cancellation must be made in writing. The cancellation fee is due with cancellation and must be paid within 5 days after cancellation.
8. if the event is cancelled due to bad weather, the artist will still receive the full fee. If the event is cancelled before the artist leaves for the venue, the artist will receive the total fee less travel expenses.
9. In case of illness of the artist, the artist is released from his contractual obligations. The artist undertakes to prove his illness by a medical certificate.
10. The organizer undertakes to maintain silence towards third parties regarding the entire agreement.
11. The artist is not subject to the organizer's instructions, either in the program or in his performance.
12. The organizer undertakes to provide the artist with a suitable artist's wardrobe.
13. Consumption will be made available to the artist within an appropriate framework.
14. Amendments and supplements to written contracts must be made in writing. Oral subsidiary agreements have not been made.
15. The organizer is liable for all personal injury and material damage during the event. Damage caused by the artist must be reported to him within three days. No further damages can be accepted after expiry of the deadline.
16. The performance rights are held by the artist. Publication (also for own advertising purposes) of sound, picture and film material from the performance require the consent of the artist.
17. any fees (GEMA, KSK, etc...) must be paid by the organizer.
18. Place of jurisdiction is Cologne.

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