Magic For Fairs

"That was the best of the fair" is a typical statement of fair visitors, after they have experienced BAGATELLO's magic show and his shell game at a fair stand. Of course one should be careful with such statements, but they make one thing clear: They show the emotional state of the trade fair visitor experienced instantly: He is enthusiastic!

Burkhard Schmidt calls this: "Fair-visitor - reset", because now

  •     the visitor is in a positive emotional state
  •     he has laughed, is relaxed and in a good mood
  •     and thus open for new information, namely the szenarios of your trade fair appearance

This special form of magic requires a broad spectrum of skills from the artist

  •     The (potential) customers are made aware of your booth.
  •     They are entertained with enthusiasm and humour. The product can be included in the presentation on the side or offensively.
  •     The customers are passed on to the specialist staff in a relaxed manner.

The combination of supplier and seen art creates a lasting memory of this stand for the customer, even if many other impressions of the fair have long since vanished. This is the sustainability of the trade fair presence so often desired!


Take advantage of Bagatello`s

years of trade fair experience

Booth party

The stand party, in turn, places completely different demands on the artist. On the one hand, the guests and the stand personnel relax after the strenuous day at the fair, and on the other hand important contacts are made in the relaxed atmosphere.

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Magnet for the audience

BAGATELLO's shows are so entertaining and inspiring that the fair guests automatically stop.

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Targeting your clients

Whether trade fair or consumer fair, whether in-house exhibition or industrial show, the type of fair decides on the approach.

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You are looking for

Exhibition stand ideas?


When men laugh with all their hearts! ...


And so do women! ...


... then you have won! Laughter is not the buy-inducing stimulus, but the breeding ground on which your professional staff can plant it!

  • Place the fair magician on the periphery of the corridor and intercept potential customers.
  • As a walkact, the trade fair magician can even draw visitors' attention to your stand 50 metres away.
  • Use Bagatello´s shell game as absolute entertainment guarantor and crowd puller.
  • Benefit from exclusive eye-catching costumes, such as the DIE PAGEN outfit.
  • Enjoy offering your customers something extraordinary with the trade fair magician.
  • Watch how Burkhard Schmidt wins the attention and sympathy of the trade fair visitors in seconds.
  • Be amazed how the enthusiasm spark jumps from the magician to your stand personnel.