Explorers Walkact

looking for the species "guest"

With its exotic appearance, including a pith helmet and tamed raccoon, Gotthilf Zielmann attracts the eye of the beholder.
Utilizing the natural curiosity of the human species, he approaches the object of desire uninhibitedly and with well-founded expert knowledge about the behavior of the "guest" species.
He is happy to explain to the interested audience how he avoids the benefit-cost trap and skilfully deprives his Sherpa expedition porters of their fee by letting them participate in the shell game. A feast for the eyes.

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The Explorer-Team of EventComedy.

Tropical explorer with raccoon.
Tropical explorer with raccoon.

The tropical explorer walkact

A special fun is the hyperactive raccoon!

The spectators have to watch twice. Is it alive?

The famous double take!

The Jungle Explorer Walkact

It is a special fun when the jungle explorer can move in the appropriate scenery and inspires the audience with his actions.

Explorer Walkact
Explorer Walkact

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