Worker Walkact

The work wants to be done

Working Man Walking Acts

He does it from morning till night! He has prepared the parking spaces for your event. He supervised the erection of the marquee. He's briefed the caterer. Driving home is no longer worthwhile...

And now he has a lot to tell and to show.

As a more or less involuntary guest, he refreshes your guests with his stories and tricks, some of which he has copied from the tricksters on Malle.

After all, you can't fool him...

Working Man Hero!

Hard work walking acts of EventComedy.

The Worker- and Miner Walking Act by EventComedy was recently shown: at the Extra Shift 2019 in Moers, at the reopening of the German Mining Museum on 13 and 14 July 2019 in Bochum.

The workingmen walkact fits on every event.
The workingmen walkact

Anniversary celebration with Workers Walking Act.

Workingmen Walkact for welcoming the guests.
Workingmen Walkact for welcoming

Celebrate Openings

or reopenings with a suitable walkact!

This is where generations meet.

Cleanroom and shaft.

The Workingmen of EventComedy are also available on stilts.

Event in original scenery with the miners of EventComedy.

Worker Walking Act
Miner Walking Act at Bergbaumuseum Bochum
Walking Act on the winding tower of the mining museum Bochum.
Walking Act on the winding tower of the Mining Museum Bochum
Ruhrpott Event Walking Act at the reopening of the Mining Museum in Bochum.
Ruhrpott Event at the reopening of the mining museum in Bochum.