Learn how to juggle

Learn how it works! - Juggling Workshop / Seminar.

Juggling has been very popular for decades, especially among young people. But adult people also feel the appeal of this fantastic art and "form of movement". Students should be of a certain age so that physical abilities can be used for juggling.

With the learning principle developed by Alexander Koplin and Burkhard Schmidt, the basic knowledge is taught within a very short time, so that a sense of success is achieved quickly.

The time span for juggling workshops can be between one ½ hour and 2 day seminars.


The fun of juggling

is guaranteed not least by the variety of juggling instruments. Everyone will find the right equipment here.

Scarf juggling, clubs, balls, diabolo, juggling rings, torches, spinning plates... everything your juggling heart desires.


Stage presentation

from technology to presentation. How to thrill with a simple three-ball juggling.

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