Learn effective pantomime techniques

Pantomime online

Learn effective pantomime techniques while staying at home with your personal instructor!

Learning pantomime online can be as much fun as during a live class. Through the monitor, the teacher can control the movements and what you are learning as well, so success is guaranteed and your movements look real. You can also learn this art as a group in a pantomime course online. Do you want to learn the moonwalk? Get in touch.

Learn how it works! - From the basic knowledge to the specialities of pantomime.

Pantomime is not reserved to the great mimes. Learning pantomime is fun and can be used perfectly for other forms of presentation. Watching and trying them out lures you into the realm of fantasy. You will experience your own body in a whole new way. The impossible becomes possible.

This is what you'll learn:

Speech theatre supporting techniques: for example the representation of imaginary objects or the creation of illusions of power (an empty suitcase seems heavy).

Imagination-supporting techniques: for example, the depiction of the unreal (rising into the air in a balloon).

Effective techniques: "Moonwalk", slow motion, living dolls (Robo Mime), imaginary wall...

Just by the variety of techniques to be learned, pantomime offers something for everyone.

THE GREAT BAGATELLO uses these visual eye-catchers for his shows.

Learning pantomime is one of the prerequisites if you want to become a Bellboy in EventComedy's great walkact.

Pantomime Workshop

This was reported by participants:

Not only that the imagination is stimulated and new ideas gush easily, the perception of the body changes. complex movements are perceived in their sequences. In addition to learning the techniques, the participants learn why something is visually strong.

At two-day pantomime seminars, the practitioners often appear on the second day with aching muscles, where they did not suspect any muscles at all, e.g. the lateral rib muscles.

This is because, for example, pushing an imaginary piano takes up exactly the muscles that would have been needed to move a real piano.

Pantomie show performed by Bagatello
Pantomie show

Learning pantomime is very popular again, because it offers many variations!

Pantomime seminar in the JKS Unna
Pantomime seminar

Pantomime slowmotion
Pantomime slowmotion

Pantomime online

Whether learning sports slow motion or moonwalk, all live techniques can also be learned in an online seminar.

Pantomime Roboter
Pantomime Roboter

Modern pantomime

Robot technique, moonwalk, imaginary forces are often used by actors as visually strong stage effects.

Pantomime without white mask.
Pantomime without white mask

Modern living pantomime

does not have to be silent and wordless, but can be staged loudly and powerfully eloquently.


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