Children's projects

Project day, project week, workshop

Learn how it works! - Theatre days and project weeks for children and young people.

Addressed are schools, organisations of holiday activities, institutes for children and young people, cultural institutions.

"From zero to 100."
During the project the children learn to develop their own play and to put it on stage. In this process, the participants are guided to develop as much initiative as possible. Established structures (e.g. class associations) are loosened by themselves and often experience an inversion (quiet children take on leadership functions, "warhorns" become calmer).


Among other things, the children and young people learn:

  •     Slipping into interesting figures
  •     The development of a thread of action
  •     Light and sound technology
  •     The performance in front of an audience


Further children and youth seminars:

This is what you'll learn:

  •     The technique of effective illusions and simple magic tricks
  •     The right presentation
  •     Principles that make magic effective

The tricks of the greatest wizards have something in common: Behind the secret there is the real secret! That's exactly what you learn here.

For example, the small difference when a wizard and a loaner show you the same simple magic trick. The loan focuses on the magic trick, the magician on the magic, the entertainment value! At Bagatello´s Magic Seminars you can learn simple magic tricks and learn how best to present the magic trick.

Whether magic with children or adults, the demands are different and must be adapted to the target audience.

"Is there magic?" That's a good question. In any case, there are magic tricks - and they can be learned! Have fun with it!


Projects for children and young people

The great experience of the workshop leaders guarantees an exciting, thrilling and enjoyable project from the very first minute.


Children's projects

Children's projects promote concentration, because the result depends on it. Everyone is involved in the joint work.



The fascination of children must be activated. This creates enthusiasm for the joint project.


Applied pantomime

The effects that can be created after a pantomime seminar, for example, are manifold and impressive.